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    Terms & Conditions

    1. Embolden Coaction is providing educational courses to career seekers

    2. Graduate or, Diploma fresher candidates are eligible for offered course

    3. I agree to pay course fee to Embolden Coaction and the course fee is non refundable

    4. Once you paid course fee and after you will not able to continue the course; for that situation Embolden Coaction will not take any responsible and your course fee is not refundable.

    5. As per the terms & conditions I accept that the course fee under any circumstances are non-refundable. Before paying course fee I read all terms & conditions

    6. After course enrolment; you are eligible for attending the online classes though zoom meet, google meet or pre-recorded video

    7. If you are unable to attend the class; embolden coaction is not responsible for your missing classes

    8. After get course completion certificate; I will not blame anything to Embolden Coaction

    9. Course fee is acceptable in the form of electronic fund transfer to Embolden Coaction

    10. Course fee should pay in full within 3 days before start the new batch

    11. Any excuses or negotiation will not get consider at the time of payment of course fee

    12. I understand that after completion of course I will get placement assistance

    13. Embolden Coaction is not dealing with any government jobs

    14. Embolden Coaction is not charge any fees for placement Support

    15. Candidate will not be considered for any vacancy in future:

      • If the candidate does not attended the interviews, arranged by Embolden Coaction three times

      • If candidate is experience and want to apply for job placement

      • If the candidate discloses the name of the vacancy / company name to anybody else for which he/she has been sent through Embolden Coaction

    16. Once I got placement in an organization if any reason I will not join the selected organization; Embolden Coaction is not responsible for that

    17. I assure to inform Embolden Coaction about the result of my interview / placement / job opportunity provided through Embolden Coaction. I understand that it is my responsibility to update my information with Embolden Coaction

    18. In case of default in paying the agreed course fee to Embolden Coaction, I shall be liable to legal action and my job offer might be withdrawn

    19. If Candidate is not able to clear the Interview; Embolden Coaction is not responsible for that

    20. Offer letter remain the property of Embolden Coaction until receiving the full payment of course fee. In such circumstances, candidate shall be liable for all additional administrative and court costs

    21. I understood and gathered information like an intelligent individual and verified, evaluating all the aspect of that company; before accepting the job offer or joining that company

    22. I accept to receive telephonic, e-mail and sms communication from Embolden Coaction related to job placement. Also I agree to keep my all data on Embolden Coaction database

    23. Embolden Coaction will arrange interviews for the candidate, if candidate will not able to qualify the interview then Embolden Coaction Is not responsible

    24. If Embolden Coaction arranges any interview, then selected candidate will be liable; he/she will join the same job offer within the joining date without any queries

    25. Once candidate is selected for company and he/she will not join the company as per the joining date; in that situation candidate can not demand any placement support from Embolden Coaction

    26. One time Embolden Coaction will support you for job placement. After joining if you leave the company as per your wish and 2nd time you are wanting a new job; then you have to pay the charges as per the company norms

    27. If a candidate is selected for a job through Embolden Coaction he/she will be solely the employee of the concerning organization and Embolden Coaction will be not responsible for any legal/dispute or any other matter between the candidate and the organization

    28. I understand that Embolden Coaction can provide job under direct company payroll/apprenticeship trainee/contractual/under vender/Neem Trainee/NAPS etc…

    29. Selected organization can give any department/Job role as per the candidates knowledge; Embolden Coaction is not responsible for that

    30. I understand that Embolden Coaction provide job placement any location across India

    My Declaration:

    1. I declare that I have already read and understand the company rules, terms and conditions of Embolden Coaction Pvt. Ltd.

    2. I declare that all the documents submitted by me are photo copy of original documents. If any problem arises due to that I will responsible for that

    3. I declare that If I face any problem in job sector the Embolden Coaction Pvt. Ltd. company will not responsible for that

    4. I declare that after the job I cannot blame to the Embolden Coaction Pvt. Ltd. if any issue arises in my employed company

    5. I Declare that If any physical or mental Injury happen to me in my employed company; Embolden Coaction Pvt. Ltd. will not responsible for that