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    Terms & Conditions

    1. Embolden Coaction is not dealing with any government job.
    2. I agree to pay a recruitment fee to Embolden Coaction on selected by the company and agreed to join the company or receiving the offer letter (either from Embolden Coaction or from the company) in an event of procuring a job, through any opportunity provided by them.
    3. I understand that the recruitment fee can be a fixed amount or a part of the CTC offered.
    4. I accept that the registration fee and the recruitment fee under any circumstances are non-refundable.
    5. I assure to inform Embolden Coaction about the result of my interview / placement / job opportunity provided through Embolden Coaction.
    6. In case of default in paying the agreed recruitment fee to Embolden Coaction, I shall be liable to legal action and my job offer might be withdrawn.
    7. Offer letter remain the property of "Embolden Coaction" until receiving the full payment. In such circumstances, candidate shall be liable for any and all additional administrative and/or court costs.
    8. I understand that I will act like an informed and intelligent individual and will verify, judge and evaluate the information regarding the company before accepting the job latter or joining the company and will not hold Embolden Coaction liable for the same.
    9. I accept that Embolden Coaction will be released from its liabilities towards me, my job and my recruiter after handing over the offer latter to me or after joining the company.
    10. I accept to receive telephonic, email and SMS communication from Embolden Coaction related to job. Also I agree to keep my all data on Embolden Coaction database.
    11. Embolden Coaction Will arrange interviews for the candidate, if candidate will not able to qualify the interview then Embolden Coaction Is not responsible.
    12. Candidate will not be considered for any vacancy in future :

      a. If the candidate does not attended the interviews, arranged by Embolden Coaction thrice.

      b. If the candidate discloses the name of the vacancy / company name to anybody else for which he/she has been sent through Embolden Coaction.

    13. If Embolden Coaction arranges any interview, then selected candidate will be liable to pay the said recruitment fee if he/she joins the same job within three month.
    14. If a candidate is selected for a job through Embolden Coaction he/she will be solely the employee of the concerning organization and Embolden Coaction will be not responsible for any legal/dispute or any other matter between the candidate and the organization.
    15. Recruitment fee is acceptable in the form of cash, Personal Cheque(after clearance) or electronic fund transfer to Embolden Coaction.
    16. Recruitment fee should pay in full within 3 days before joining.
    17. Any excuses and / or negotiation will not get consider at the time of payment of recruitment fee.
    18. I understand that Embolden Coaction can provide job under direct company payroll/Areentiship Trainee/Contractual/Under vender/Neem Trainee
    19. I understand that it is my responsibility to update my information with Embolden Coaction.
    20. I understand that Embolden Coaction provide job any location across India.

    My Declaration:

    1. I declare that I have already read and understand the company rules, terms and conditions of Embolden Coaction (P) Ltd.
    2. I declare that all the documents submitted by me are photo copy of original documents. If any problem arises due to that I will responsible for that.
    3. I declare that If I face any problem in job sector the Embolden Coaction (P) Ltd. company will not responsible for that.
    4. I declare that after the job I cannot blame to the Embolden Coaction (P) Ltd. if any issue arises in my employed company.
    5. I Declare that If any physical or mental Injury happen to me in my employed company; Embolden Coaction (P) Ltd. will not responsible for that.